Sea Shepherd Info


Sea Shepherd are a registered charity who protect marine life (Whales, Dolphins and fish) They help compile evidence on illegal fishing and actively prevent Whale and Dolphin hunting through their fleet of ships, teaching, and by media and word of mouth. Films such as The Cove and the recent Whale Wars on the discovery channels highlight their work, but be warned....much of what they come up aginst is sickening and cruel.

Kimbustion are proud to protect Whales Dolphin's and certain fish species from over exploitation (and in the case of Whales and Dolphins cruelty and inhumane treatment beyond belief in the 21st Century) If nothing else for your children's sake please just take a moment to see what they have done and uncovered in the past.


Please also make sure you see the film below. It will make you think very differenly and is a very powerful film.

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