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Howard Pressman "Shergar" Interview 19th Aug BBC Sheffield Drive Time

Glenn & Jon

This is a "bits and bobs" page. Where we publicly reply to odd e-mails sent from odd people, and give out useless trivia. This page is only updated every 3 months or so which is the reason we put a nice picture on it (below...no not our ugly mugs above!) , so it's worth re-visiting, (even if the tide has been in and out a couple of hundred times).

I would rather be here (Below) - Can you guess where here is? -Answers on a postcard to jon@kimbustion.com

Sea Scene

Do you know

Jon was a member of another group called "Silent Fury" which split many moons ago.

Jon's daughter Gemma, has just played the leading role in Craine's new video "Divine Intervention".  see it here ....We like Craine!  

More about us!

Glenn: - Handsome, modest and always good for a laugh :- )

Jon: - Moody, thoughtful, old (but a good runner)  ;-)

Mrs Jones from Clapham asked if we really do love horses. We'll Mrs Jones, I have worshipped mine for some 14 years now, so you tell me? If after listening to Horse Heart you are still undecided, I will give you your money back.....on second thoughts that will mean less for the charities, so I will double what you spent!

Bob in Scarborough wanted to know if Donkeys will be included. Well Bob, we hope so, I hope we can raise money for a number of Charities. Donkeys are poorly treated in the Third World. Just you look after yours on the beach at Scarborough!


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