Marcia Baldwin Fine Art.

Hello Marcia! (Kimbustion chose Marcia's Artwork for their Album cover) thank you for using our music for your beautiful paintings of majestic horses.!! Here is a link to this�amazing�short video

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Reserved for Chosen Charities/Organisations : -

Kimbustion�have donated to.

RNLI, Sea Shepherd, Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society WDCS click here

Essex Horse and Pony Protection Society click here

Bansbury Home of Rest for Horses click here

World Horse�Wealfare (ILPH), The WSPA, The Blue Cross�and�Redwings.

for an opportunity to be listed here e-mail

Jon and Glenn want to thank the following artists for their work on Horse Heart�Rebecca Kitchin's Art Site�Marcia Baldwin's Gallery Marcia Baldwin - Carmon Deyo's blog (Elphame Painting for our track "Venus")

Other Links�Your Horse Magazine Glenn's awsome studio!!! Isle of Skye Inspired Art

Official Bluebird Supporters Club
If you are interested in the Campbells, this is one of the best sites

"If you are interested in TITANIC try these really friendly siteswhere visitors swap information views and stories" and

A good site to access for the Northwest of England if you're planning a trip

Other horse /charity art

And finally thanks to Steven Rayner for giving us�this incredible website template for free

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