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'Bubble World" STOP PRESS Dec 20th 2020. Are you in a protective Covid "bubble"? We are releasing "Bubble World" on the 16th Jan . A song almost forgotten and nearly deleted. Almost prophetic in nature. If you are struggling mentally with Covid and 2020, please watch our You Tube video. Hang on in there.

December 2020 - The single "Atlantic Child" is to be released end 2020 before the album of the same name in the new year. Jon and Glenn would like to thank Quarto Publishing Group for their permission to use Maury Aaseng's superb "Dolphin Jump" water colour painting for the single's sleeve. "The second we came across this artwork it just leapt out at us, conjuring the exact uplifting spirt of the song. We are so happy that  the Quatro Publishing Group gave permission for this to happen. (Anyone thinking about learning to paint as good as this should check them out) We couldn't have wished for a better front cover for this happy go lucky tribute to our beautiful seas and their threatened, (even more beautiful), creatures. We hope this makes you feel just a little better in these difficult times for coming across this today" . Glenn & Jon

December 2020- Horse Heart - is to be re released on Spotify and other streaming sites. Atlantic Child the single will also be released 2020 as a prelude to Atlantic Child the album being released in 2021 on Spotify to name but a few outlets. "Titanic we miss you" will at long last be available for download from this album!

May 20216 - Well its a busy season here on Skye and Jon's song writing is suffering with lack of time and lack of energy! Saying that he's laying down a couple of new tracks in between his other commitments !

Jan 2015 - Jon has moved and now lives on the Isle of Skye where he and his wife set up a Bed and Breakfast. "Its lovely because we see Dolphins and Minke whales regularly". If you fancy a break and want to see some great Scottish wildlife, why not pay him a visit and have a chat about conservation issues music or the myths and legends of Skye see www.highbeechhouse.co.uk   

Jon is now working on a number of new songs with his Scottish friends and influences. Kimbustion is well and truly  "open for business". Does your Wildlife/Conservation production needing some royalty free backing tracks? Do you need a bespoke song or theme tune. Talk to Jon. If its worth doing and its a good cause it will cost you zero!!!! (well may be a pint: )

"There are a few more songs which haven't been sung, (that are still swimming around my head!) which need working out.  Whilst Taji, the Faros, Iceland and Japan continue to slaughter endangered and sentient whales and dolphins, we can never rest. They must not be allowed to continue. The Oceans are not infinite anymore. We need to look after them, their eco-systems and their beautiful inhabitants".


2013 - Aug Kimbustion realease their latest single "Share a Breath" in support of humane treatment of Dolphins. The song is available for free download from our Discography page - "Share a Breath with the Dolphins" Thanks to Mark and Ric - Save Japan Dolphins and the Earth Island Institute, Paul and Debbie Huxtable - Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary, S Kirby at Southwest.com, and Atmo at Wildquest in the Caribbean.


Polly and Jon have raised £400.00 for the WDCS this year in their  July 2012 "Walk for Whales" Camapaign!!! see Ocean Funds!! Scarborough was the venue!

"Sorry" - The new Tribute to Dolphins Whales and our Oceans from Kimbustion. If you love Whales and Dolphins you will love this ... Downloadable from Townsend Records here - all proceeds to Ocean Charities.

March 2012 - On the 26th Feb Jon and Polly had a lovely day and Abseiled down the Bristol Gorge. They raised over £600.00! for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society - WDCS! Thanks to all who sponsored us!!!

Kimbustion are also making a Video to promote Ocean and Whale conservation. Using footage kindly supplied foc by the Okeanos Foundation in Germany. The video is to be released free to Ocean charities and contains the single "Falling Through Our Hands" sung by Jo Dilger and produced by Glenn Boulton of DI Recording Studios Chesterfield England.

Pauline and Jon and Kimbustion have raised over £400 for lucky2bhere with their 15,000 Skydive for Lucky2bhere on Oct 1st 2011 !!!!!!!

Jon is now continuing his songwriting career to help the Oceans.!! Songs to follow.

July 2011 - Kimbustion give £700.00 to the Essex Horse and Pony Protection Society

EHPPS are struggling with the number of abandoned and mistreated horses on their books.

June 2011 - Kimbustion donate 1000 mouse mats in all with the "Horse Heart" artwork. Available from Redwings, Bransby and EHPPS other horse charities

May - Kimbustion have produced a song to help raise awareness of Polio. The disease has been nearly been eradicated throughout the world,  appart from just two other countries.

The song called "This Close" has been sung by Joanne Dilger a new vocalist working with Glenn and Jon for Kimbustion

The mini album for Lucky2BHere is now downloadable. (see Discography) They are a charity supplying Defibrillators to remote areas off the West Coast of Scotland. The CD's will be launched by Ross Cowie, the charities founder, this Summer and they will be initially sold to supporters and holidaymakers on the Isle of Skye. Jon and Pauline have also promised Ross to increase media coverage for the charity with a Sky Dive for the them later on in the Summer.


Jan 2011. £700.00 donated to Essex Horse and Pony Protection Society!!!

and also.........;

A huge thank you!!! for all of those who bought our Horse Heart album from Redwings Horse Sanctuary this Christmas!! you have helped raise over £1000 for them!!!!! (and with the weather as it is I am sure they will need it!!)

Kimbustion release 2 Albums                

 ATLANTIC CHILD (Kimbustion want to help the RNLI) and : -

 KOMPILLATION Kool, kreative kompositions

They are also highlighting the work of the British Limbless Ex-Service Men's Association (Blesma

Download "The Tank Commander's Daughter" for free ...

Kimbustion's two past Albums are listed below.

Bluebird -click here


HORSE HEART DETAILS (Stop Press Aug 2010 - £600.00 donation to Redwings)

We are not asking you to like the music!!!! (although we hope you do!!) were asking you to help some brilliant charities and make a difference to the quality of so many horses lives

The Album "Horse Heart" is being sold to raise money for Horse Charities, it is available NOW!

Charities include: -

World Horse Wealfare (ILPH), The WSPA, The Blue Cross, Redwings and Bransby.

The CD also contains our lovely booklet of lyrics and pictures. Copies have already generated over £2500.00  (see "Funds") Please please please help!!?  :( For each Horse Heart CD sale, a minimum of £5.50 will go to the charities and for each Horse Heart album download, a minimum of £4.50 is donated.

Irish Economy downturn - end 2010 sad news for horses :(

Previous sad news 2009 :( click here

The Album contains "The Darkest Horse" (a unique track featured in the collection), which has been voted runner up in the 2008 UK Songwriting Awards.

The UK Songwriting Contest is held annually in association with The BRIT Trust, The British Academy of Composers and Songwriters, The Guild of International Songwriters and Composers, BBC Radio, The World Music Foundation, Music Aid UK and other music industry bodies.


Horse Heart has been written for horse lovers and is a tribute to an animal underestimated, both historically in terms of their relationship with man and also spiritually.

The complete CD is now available from this site with a small booklet in the CD case. Each song will have a page of lyrics and an accompanying photo or specially commissioned painting. Alternatively Horse Heart is available now for download. Just follow the Stores link near the top of this page or find us on iTunes if you have an account there. (The CD is only available via this site or from Townsend Records)

"If you love horses as I do, I am sure you will love this, proceeds will go to helping less fortunate horses have a better life" - Jon

Kimbustion will also use the release to once again call for sole searching as regards the whereabouts of Shergar's remains, the kidnapped racehorse ...the greatest of all time.

Kimbustion are "Searching for Shergar" - click here to download the Shergar story  

I want to Search for Shergar

Glenn and Jon have released 2 songs from the Album  : -


"Tick Tock" (Do you belong to your horse or does he belong to you?) Download Here

"Dying to Win" (Tribute to the beautiful horses lost in Horseracing every year) Download Here (Warning, this may upset)

Horse Heart has been built on the successes of Bluebird's Return and Titanic (we miss you). See Discography.

 Please please please! let us know if you can help with a review or news item. There are horses out there suffering. e-mail jon@kimbustion.com 

Thanks Jon/Glenn

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