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September 2012 news - Poor William : (

William fell ill with a re-occuring ethmoid haematoma (a continually expanding growth in his nose) It got to the stage where it was effecting his breathing and we were fearing the worst for him as it had moved closer to his eye and brain.

Thanks to the the wonderful care and skills of the vets at Rainbow Equine Hospital at Malton, North Yorkshire, he was operated on and has made a full recovery. See him below before and after!!! Huge thanks to Phil, Jonathan and all the nursing staff at this wonderful place.

William "post op"

William now (his luvable self!!!)

Thank you to !!!

Rainbow Equine HospitalRainbow FarmOld MaltonNorth YorkshireYO17 6SG


Below will be listed funding details "Follow William on his road to a better future for his pals!!"

Please log on from time to time to see how we are doing. Thank you all once again Glenn & Jon.

Pre release donationthanks to

Friends and Family

Mel, Dad, Craig, Hixy, Greeny, Geoff, Eddy, Rhiannan, Kirsty, Joy, Jane, Pat & Ivor, Di, Vickky, Steve & Sue, Andy, Scott, Andrew Frudd (Blacksmith/Comedian/ lol), David Marriott, Graham Gleadhill, Steve Lavender, Martin Dawson, Jackie & David,Phil & Lynne,Jayne (bank), Derek Ronksley,David Hunter, Penny & Roger, Mark West, Scott Stephens, Andy Anderson, David and Pat (I think thats what they said...well the couple who walk the dog past the farm in the mornings!), Ray Howson (our QA man!) Mathew of Pervril and Lady  Gwenivere! aka Matt and Jeannette - (Escafeld re-enactment) lol!, Nichola Bailey

David Hunt "Central Tin Containers" for £50.00!!- Thanks David!

Ann Marie and her dad for buying my trailer!!! (dunno who forked out ((it's usually dad))but thanks lol) which means there are more funds comming in (and going out) here!!

Alicia at the CFFE - Thank you chicken! Nikki at J & A for organising the raffle (£25!)

Today (1st Sept) we owe a massive thanks to Nikki Oliver (Jons secretary) who slaved over a cooker all day Sunday baking butterfly buns, chocolate and coconut cakes for all of us at work. Nikki has raised £75.00!! xxx!

Thanks to Mike and Read Hunt Insurance who took 5 of our CD's and also to Horse and Rider who are selling our CD at the moment!


Let's start at the beginning with the foals. We can do better than this though. (Don't worry Rosemary it won't bounce! lol)

Redwings Donation - £300!!! (but we can do better than this lol!!)

We can do better than this though!!!!!

Hey ...we think The World Horse Welfare do a brilliant job (ILPH) so......I think you are next. : )


Can we do better than this?........Well I am betting my boots and William his shoes we can! But who is next!!!

William may be The Essex Horse and Poney Protection Society!! I think he may be right.

..............But we can do better than this! (Can we? says William!!).......?

But who needs our help now?............

Can we help Bransby Home of Rest for Horses Dad?.. I think we must. I know they have a lot of mouths to feed! We'll send them this to help and also thank everyone who has bought Horse Heart too because without them we can't do this!

Well William, any suggestions on who is next? I know its comming up for Christmas and the next cheque is going to be some serious money £500.00!!! It would be a nice Christmas present for some cold Ponies and Horses. We could help keep them warm!!! Who do think William?

I have been looking at the internet dad, (I know..! you didn't know I was good with computers did you!) and I nearly started crying when I read about what the Blue Cross has done and do do for horses and other animals alike.  Let's think about them this Christmas? It would be a great start to 2010 for them.

I hope they can help save a few of your friends with this William. !

August 2010 - it's been a while comming but I hope it was worth waiting for. We are really pleased to be able to donate again to Redwings Horse Sanctuary

Jan 2011 Hope this helps brighten the dark nights...William ; )

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Song Writer Sheffield ~ Record Production Sheffield ~ Recording Studio Sheffield

WILLIAM : -  "EPPS are really struggling with those needing help this July 2011.  Can we do anything?"

JON : - "We don't have a lot so this is the best we can do Willybob!!

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