Bluebird's Return

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On the day Kimbustion receive their first master copies of "Horse Heart" (an album to be released very shortly in aid of Horse Welfare Charities), one of their earlier works "Bluebird's Return" coincidentally comes back to haunt them in that the latest news is Bluebird is rebuilt and will indeed return for another run on Lake Coniston in the near future!

The album was released to commemorate the 40th year of Donnald Campbell's fatefull crash. Jon said

 "This is a dream come true for many people. Donald Campbell's spirit will not die and Britain is still a proud Nation who remembers it's heros".

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Bluebird's Return Album Cover

Donald Campbell this is for you...Where is Britain heading now? Glenn and Jon's tribute to a Great British Hero who lost his life trying to push the World Water Speed Record above 300mph.

For more on the Bluebird story click here. Alternatively go to "Links" and The Bluebird Supporters Club

 Bluebird is currently being restored and will soon be displayed in the Ruskin Museum, Lake Coniston UK.

If you are interested in supporting Britains attempt to regain the water speed record from Australia follow the link to the Quicksilver project and our own Nigel Macknight


Thanks Glenn and Jon                                                            

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