Atlantic Child

To download† click on Atlantic Child†The†Album†has†been†written to raise money for the RNLI. Kimbustion will be donating 100% of all proceeds to help the RNLI in their work. If you love the sea, I am sure there will be something in here for all, from the Action packed "RNLI Rough Mix"! to the epic Titanic we Miss you!

Album Playlist

1. Atlantic Child

2. Those who Sail


4. Seagull City

5. Sharks

6. RNLI "Choppy Mix"


8. Albatross

9. RNLI "Rough Mix"

10.Titanic we Miss You : (

Please give a little time for these to download (about 6Mb each)

BBC Radio Sheffield Interview15th Aug 2010 Part 1

BBC Radio Sheffield Interview 15Aug†2010††Part 2

Sept 2010 Kimbustion donate £650.00 to the R.N.L.I

Kimbustion Album Art